Army Draft

Army Draft2021-02-10T19:35:43+00:00
1. Does anyone who moves to Israel need to draft to the army?2021-02-01T20:08:31+00:00

 No, only people who fall into a specific  category of “Draftable”- generally this exempts Women, men over the age of 22 and Yeshiva Bochurim who will continue learning in Yeshiva

2. Can a Yeshiva Bochur move to Israel by himself or with his family and stay in Yeshiva indefinitely?2021-02-01T20:07:56+00:00

Yes, as long as he is enrolled in a Yeshiva he can maintain his Yeshiva Bochur status and is eligible for a draft deferment (if he already spent time learning in a yeshiva in Israel circumstances varrey)

3. If I never drafted to the army can I legally earn a living?2021-02-01T20:08:01+00:00

Yes, as long as you don’t have a status of “deserter/ עריק”

4. If I avoid making Israeli citizenship am I exempt from the draft?2021-02-01T20:07:06+00:00

Yes, though this might not be necessary since there are ways of avoiding the draft while maintaining Israeli citizenship

5. What do the terms “Petur” and “Dichuy” mean?2021-02-01T20:07:40+00:00

A. “Petur” means that one is completely exempt from the army draft

B. “Dichuy” means postponement, it’s a term used to describe the status of a Yeshiva bochur enabling him to postpone the draft as long as he is enrolled in a Yeshiva

The information provided here is general and applies to typical Aliyah scenarios- if you, or one of your parents, has or had in the past Israeli citizenship, or if you spent significant time in Israel prior to making Aliyah your draft status may vary

Feel free to reach out for more information

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