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If You Build It, Will They Come?

Adapted from original post on Zehut International Website. Written by Shmuel Sackett. We are all familiar with Dovid Hamelech and the successor to his throne, his son, Shlomo. What very few people understand is what happened next. When Shlomo Hamelech died, his kingdom was tragically divided. The shvatim of Yehuda and Binyamin were led by Shlomo’s son – and the rightful ruler [...]

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R’ Chaim Kanievski: Mitzvah to Move to Eretz Yisroel

The question was asked to Harav Chaim Kanievski זצ"ל as follows: Q: Should people move to Eretz Yisroel or better wait until Moshiach comes? Harav Chaim Kanievski זצ"ל: "Chalilah! Mitzvah Laalos" Q: Is it a Mitzvah D'Oraysa that is appplicable Bzman Hazeh? Harav Chaim Kanievski זצ"ל: Yes! R'Chaim Kanievski is saying that its a Mitzvah to move to Eretz [...]

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