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New Release: HaAretz Asher Arecha

Rabbi Shnayor Burton recently released his new sefer on Eretz Yisrael called HaAretz Asher Arecha (lit: The Land Which I Will Show You). In this sefer's debut, Rabbi Burton writes: "The product of years of study, lecturing and writing, this 208-page sefer presents my conclusions about the mitzvah to live in Eretz Yisrael. The sefer is not merely a collection [...]

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The One Lost Tribe

by Shmuel Sackett As I learn the past few Parshiyos, I cannot help but think about the 12 Shevatim. We have read about their birth and many of the challenges they faced. They confronted Esav, battled with Shechem and now they are in the midst of the major story with Yosef; his dreams, their response and ultimately their encounter with [...]

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Here I Am!

By Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein, Yerushalayim. It’s many years since little ol’ regular me, a third-generation American, first came to Israel. As with so many turning points in life, I didn’t realize that it was one. I just came for one year — a Junior Year Abroad study program at Hebrew University. But something happened as my suitcases were thrown off the [...]

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Where Has Our Love Gone?

By Rabbi Avrohom Neuberger After the Holocaust, many survivors were overwrought with feelings of confusion, loneliness, and anger — anger at the Nazis, anger at the com- placent world, and even anger at the Almighty. Some were disillusioned to the point of losing their faith. Al tadin es chaveircha ad shetagia l’mkomo. Do not judge your fellow unless you are in [...]

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If we don’t mourn the destruction, are we truly in galus? By Rabbi Avrohom Neuberger You know how you occasionally hear or read something and wonder, “Wow, that’s so obvious. How did I miss it?” I just had one of those moments, and I am asking myself that very question: How did I miss it? Chareidi media has been all over [...]

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Why Live in Israel?

By Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein A few weeks ago, Rabbi Michael Broyde sent me an article he had written regarding his reaction to a question posed to him during his sabbatical in Israel: “So what do I think of Israel so far?” In good Jewish style, he responded to the question with a question, preceded by a story. I thought [...]

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Religious Aliyah from the West

Where is the Religious Aliyah from the West? From "To Dwell in the Palace - Perspectives on Eretz Yisrael" By: HaRav Zev Leff Shlita DRIVING HOME THROUGH the largely-uninhabited hills of Judea, or walking down the streets of an Israeli city still lacking the imprint of Torah, I hear the question echoing: "Where is the religious aliya from the Torah [...]

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